4 Dec

A really intriguing sentence to punctuate; what does your punctuation reveal about your attitudes towards men and women?

Richard Wiseman

First, if you are up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I am performing my Psychobabble show today at 12.10 and 6.05.  Details here.

Second, without thinking about it too much, how would you punctuate this sentence…..

“A woman without her man is nothing”

In fact there, are two popular answers.  More after the break.

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Why learn Latin?

7 Nov

Evan1965 Latin course — is this an effective approach to learning the language?

7 Nov

I like the way this course contextualises Latin learner, and the clarity of the expression.

Welcome to the classics reloaded

8 Sep

This website is devoted to examining Latin and “Classical Literature”.